Opteck Review

Over the last few years many new Binary Options Brokers have been popping up around the world. One of the newest is Opteck.

I have reviewed Optecks trading platform, and have even done some trading. From my personal experience with Opteck and other Binary Option brokers, Opteck is offering a highly detailed trading platform that is easy to use for both bigger traders, and advanced. Opteck is a UK based company that offers up to 95% profits in their trades and up to 15% money back on ‘out of the money’ trades.
In the past Opteck was seen as a small Binary Options broker that didn’t have a lot to offer to its traders. However, as they have progressed they have definitely begun standing up to trader expectation.


Opteck now has a variety of assets available to trade with ranging from all over the world. This includes at least 80 underlying assets built from Currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. They try to ensure that all their Binary Options traders have a large choice of assets so they will have something that is worth investing in. This also can help those of you who are beginner traders in order to make sure that you will be able to find assets that match your level of trading experience. In addition if there are assets that are not available that you would like to trade with feel free to request them from the Opteck staff as they can add any asset at a client’s request.  Opteck is committed to helping its traders in any way possible.

Their staff includes professional and experienced brokers, risk management professional, trading experts, and high quality customer support. Opteck uses a personal live chat system which allows you to contact their staff 24/7 as well as the possibility to contact them through phone, and email. In addition they offer support in five different languages; English, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, and French. Their website includes not only and easy, yet detailed trading platform it also includes many trading tools and full trading support.

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Opteck offers their live account members with accurate trading signals on all asset types, and a feature called “Stop Loss” which allows you to close your positions before their expiration. The “Stop Loss” feature is a tool that many traders would like to have access to however, many brokers have yet to offer this. In addition to these great trading tools Opteck offers full training in Binary Options.

Among the training tools that Opteck offers is the ability to train with a Financial Expert. They also offer an ebook, basic training, trading tutuorial, and market reviews. For additional information about Optecks deposits and withdrawal methods, minimum and maximum trades and deposits click here.

Final Word

In conclusion, Opteck has made some drastic changes in order to satisfy their traders. This has shown through their asset list, training modules, and customer support. They are also one of the few brokers who are using their own unique platform allowing them to be flexible and customize the platform according to their traders needs. Contact Opteck today and see if they are a suitable fit for your trading needs.



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